School Staff

Erin Hagan - Twitter: @MsEHagan
Tricia Young - Twitter: @youngkinders
Valerie Roque

Grade 1 
Twitter: @mrsanlar1
Twitter: @ms_clouthier
Twitter: @mrsboskill

Grade 3
Maria Costantini

Grade 4
Gina Roy

Grade 5
Twitter: @Farrells5s
Grade 5 Learning Strategies Class
Matthew Smith

Twitter: @SDAgrade6

Primary French
Annie Bambi

Primary and Junior French
Daniel Manchisi
Twitter: @manchisimr

Junior  French
Julie Brazeau

Resource Teacher
Adam O'Donnell

Diana Caon

Educational Assistants
Rosa Cammara
Emily Malis
Christa Mesman
Trish Brinskelle

Extended Day Program
Anne Bohatyretz
Heather Beck
Sonya Rogers
Larissa Voortman

Head Custodian
Steve Milks

Office Administrator
Jay Boyle

Rita Graaskamp

About Our School

St. Daniel Timetable
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Block 4
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Welcome to the St. Daniel School Community. We are a school which strives to provide a safe and caring learning environment for our students. Our community is supported through our family involvement and is vibrant, active, and collaborative. It is through the dedication and hard work of our educators, parents/guardians, and parish that our students continue to grow intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually during their time at St. Daniel School. We aim for excellence in all subject areas and each student is supported to build their cognitive and learning skills to the best of their ability. 

Our St. Daniel School Council meets several times a year to discuss current school and board initiatives and works hard to assist student learning through fundraising and resource support. The Council also plans several wonderful events that allow families to gather socially and build relationships. They are always highlights of the school year. Volunteers are an integral part of life at St. Daniel School. From field trip supervision to pizza lunches to lending a hand in classrooms, our volunteers make many extras possible and contribute to our school community.

Our Catholic faith and the gospel values are integrated into all areas of the curriculum, as well as, the life of the school. Daily prayer, monthly liturgies, sacramental preparation, and seasonal masses all serve to build student and adult faith. We are linked and supported by our local parish, St. Basil Church. Father Dan Hawkins regularly visits our school to meet with students and staff, as well as, celebrate masses. Twice a year, our students and staff travel to St. Basil Church for mass. Throughout the year, the church organizes various activities for St. Daniel students and families to get involved in. Additionally, we make connections with our local and global community through a variety of social justice and outreach initiatives. Students learn that their efforts can influence the lives of others near to home and across the world.

French is an important component of the culture of St. Daniel School. In the junior grades, students’ families are able to choose between immersion or extended French instruction. In the primary grades, students follow an extended French program.  Our Junior and Senior Kindergarten classes offer a 50/50 English/French Immersion program. French is spoken by students and staff and is regularly used in school announcements and gatherings.

The St. Daniel staff endeavours to provide ongoing communication about students’ progress, as well as, school events and activities. Weekly Updates, flyers, websites, and Twitter feeds are all used to help keep families informed. The school year at St. Daniel School is full of special events, gatherings, and activities that add an essential and marvellous dimension to the school experience of students and families. Families are always welcome to attend and participate in our school functions.

Families that are new to the area are most welcome to come and visit our school to meet staff members, tour the school, and find out about the programs and services offered by our school and the Ottawa Catholic School Board.


Rita Graaskamp

Activities, Clubs & Teams


School Choir  Choir Directors - Ms. Costantini  and Mr. Hynes

Soccer with Sammy - Every Tuesday at Lunch  Coach: Mr.  Temesgen (Primary & Junior Alternating Weeks)

Me to We   Educator Leader: Mme Brazeau

ECO Club  Educator Leader: Mr. Smith

Arts and Crafts Club  Educator Leaders: Mrs. Farrell, Mrs. Roy, Mrs. Boskill

Tech Club   Educator Leader: Mr. Smith 

Peer Mediators   Educator Leader: Mr. Hynes

PALS Leader  Educator Leader: Mrs. Farrell


Boys and Girls Soccer -  September - Coach: Mrs. Anlar and Mr. Manchisi

Cross Country - October  -  Coach-  Mr. Hynes

Boys and Girls Volleyball - November - Coaches: Mrs. Boskill and Mr. Hynes 

Boys and Girls Handball - February - Coach:  Mrs. Farrell and Mr. O'Donnell

Boys and Girls Badminton - January - Coaches: Mrs. Anlar and Mr. Hynes

Ultimate Frisbee - Coach: Mr. Smith

Track and Field - Coach: Mrs. Amadio, Mr. Hynes, Mr. O'Donnell